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Jes Darmanin (M.Ent Melit)

Startup Mentor, Web Design, Brand, Product & Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur & Tech Enthusiast

From a very young age, I have always been very interested in business and tech. Through my studies and eventually, in my future jobs, I was always interested in business operations and the technologies running in the background to make it all happen. I picked up every kind of information, tip and trick and always sought ways of how these can be optimised and improved for the benefit of the business and the client. 

I started off my career (with my first real job!) in 1999, where I was engaged to manage an internet cafe, which was a thing back then. It was also at the same time that I turned 18, and decided to start a web design and development business under the name of Storm Design. My web business was kept as a side hustle for a while until it gained traction and a built a reputation of trust and reliability. 

In 2001, I started working with Jobsplus (Formerly known as the Employment and Training Corporation of Malta (ETC) as an IT/ECDL/ECDL Advanced trainer. After that, I moved to an IT-focused marketing role with GFI Software/Aurea – One of the leading providers of security and messaging software.

Through my career at GFI Software, I’ve had some great opportunities to work on several incredible projects with different teams within the marketing team itself and many other teams across the organisation – both locally and internationally. I have gained experience in SEO, Social Media marketing, email marketing, media campaign management, PPC, optimisation and also other skills like project planning and coordinating team projects. My latest role involved the leading of the company’s product launches and Marketing Campaigns from A to Z and coordinating teams to work together towards the successful implementation and launching of GFI’s international campaigns.

In 2016, I felt it was time to make a change, and that is when I decided to move into working exclusively on my own web business. Since the company was founded, as Storm, we are no longer doing web design and developments projects only, but we have now expanded the range of services to include branding, marketing and also a range of technical services.  

What are my values?

I consider myself as a responsible, trustworthy, loyal and respectful person. From a business perspective I’m all for providing excellent customer satisfaction, being an excellent team player and always seek to improve efficiency in everything.

Is there anything here that may help you and your business?

Feel free to get in touch, and we can meet up over coffee to discuss your requirements.